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Tuhoutuva tarina
Olli Lindholm
17.97 %
105 - Joutukaa sielut
16.93 %
All About You & I

…Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh It's true I think that I'm so screwed That butterfly tattoo So strange how I'm haunted by your gaze You're selfless So sordidly spotless Standing in silence To you I wanna show a special place…

14.42 %
13.54 %
One to Make You Smile
The Youths

You said you were fine But I saw it was a lie It's such a shame to see a girl like you Feeling so down The beauty in you Is clear to everyone else in this room Why can't you see You're truly one of a kind, one of a kind…

13.04 %
11.61 %
Jontti Avautuu
Jontti & Shaka
10.83 %
Mouth to Mouth
Isac Elliot

…it a temptation Cause I got to be alone Yeah Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth I can give you mouth to mouth Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth You can teach me all about Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth I can give you mouth to…

10.76 %
Take me to your dealer

…a substance that'll only harm the organs that are still in place They say, you gotta change the way you are There's no other rescue You wanna fall apart or would you rather go back to the start? You only see this thing…

10.39 %
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