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…Tear me apart to gain control You know I have two faces You can choose the one you want Oh, I know I climb too high I want to see the sun Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown…

100.00 %

…I'm crawling over Into your mind It's getting colder Behind my eyes Painted on your face I see Remains of true beauty Torn apart by ignorance Left alone to bleed Incomplete All I am And out of reach Falling fast And…

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…jakaa Sinä olet mikä olet etkä muutu Siis koira x8 N-e-l-i-ö neliöjuuri N-e-l-i-ö neliöjuuri N-e-l-i-ö neliöjuuri N-e-l-i-ö Siis koira x8…

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I don't know if I want to flow for evermore And I don't want to know how slow the time must flow And I don't want to hear no cheap apologies And I don't want to wish for anything more Within myself I lost myself It's…

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I, I think I wrote you uesterday It makes no difference anyway Maybe I should inhale the steam Maybe you drown me in this dream If I can take you home tonight I promise you we don't have to fight Survival is secondary…

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Human Desert

…Now enter the silence, 'cause it's alright So now you've wasted the guidance, but it's alright I wanna something more, but it's alright I wanna be something more, I guess it's alright Who's to say the love is true And…

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I don't know about using plastercine To close my wounds or to hold the smile on my face Meaningless hours turn into meaningless years Meaningless promises to meaningless fears Show me your answers, baby, show me the…

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Twin Peaks

…Throw away all the lies Take my hand, fall over me Into the place where we lie down just breathing Would I ever hurt you, my love? And I flow with you into the sea And I no longer feel the air between Come closer…

91.94 %
The Witch-Hunter

…What is this cold dagger in my guts What's the name of this fear inside Like a parasite it feeds itself How much longer 'til it's everything? Turn out the lights before I enter And I just turn my radar on The only thing…

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