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Get Away
Doom Unit

…I hide I will overcome If I close my eyes All I've been given Now it's all been taken I used to be a believer Now I'm nothing but a deceiver If I'm the one to blame I let you get away I know I had it all All the…

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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…will last forever 'Cause we feel it, take it, hold it and believe it You need me like I need you I know you do, I'm sure you do The lights are slowly going down On Lexington Avenue, and me I'm all alone feeling the…

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Elina Arlin

…Poser - Elina Arlin She has heard it all before and learned how to ignore Mean rumours that people tell, she knows them too well Other women seem to believe she’s blind and naive Like she wouldn’t see behind the scenes…

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Ghost River

…riverbed awaits Snow white, pitch-black, your life such strife Heavenward, deep down, I'll show you such sights Believe it, we live as we dream/scream "He will go down he will drown drown, deeper down The river wild will…

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Sä et oo sä
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Reach ("Amaranth" Demo Version)

…Baptised with a perfect name The doubting one by heart Alone without himself War between him and the day Need someone to blame In the end, little he can do alone You believe but what you see You receive but what you…

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