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Black Ninja
Battle Beast

…forever oh oh It's a life of a warrior who never comes out It's a song without music she's one of a kind She's a black ninja, ninja She's a black ninja When tomorrow nothing more is left but sorrow oh oh Then we see her…

100.00 %
Piano Black

…A silent symphony A hollow opus #1,2,3 Sometimes the sky is piano black Piano black over cleansing waters Resting pipes, verse of bore Rusting keys without a door Sometimes the within is piano black Piano black over cleansing waters All that great heart lying still and slowly dying All that great heart lying still on an angel wing…

93.28 %
Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…It must have been July When I met you On a gentle August night You kissed me too Before the fall I was so sure you're my own September I was all alone Like black rain from the clear blue sky falling on me You left me…

93.28 %
Lady In Black

…such misconception But when you need me Be assured I wont be far away Ah ah ah Thus having spoke she turned away And though I found no words to say I stood and watched until I saw Her black cloak disappear My labour is…

84.87 %
Black Ice
Hanna Pakarinen
79.12 %
The Black Swordsman
Battle Beast
72.04 %
Into The Black Light
Ghost Brigade
65.45 %
Boy in the Back Row
Nylon Beat

…must have been a fool when I let you go Now there's only those photos at my home Hey you the boy in the back row Do you remember me? When for the first time I took your hand in mine You used to call me a black crow I…

32.63 %
Koppi tules feat. EPP, Nick-E Maggs, Matias Deep, Ode

…, näille paskasuille pistän nasta(n) huuleen Mä en vastaa sulle Kuset vastatuuleen, EPP! (Nick-E Maggz:) Fuck all the fake bitches Salute to all o(f) my real people, Got a plug in a black on black beamer, trappin' some black

27.51 %
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