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Speed And Danger
Battle Beast

…Are you a mad man or a girl gone insane? You're welcome to join our circles of doom Taking no orders, we spit on the rules You got what you came for, it's race or die! Speed and Danger, Speed and Danger Nitro in my…

55.66 %
Need for speed
Risto Matti
51.35 %
No culpa sine lege
Piia Myyry

…life and scores, you have done it all when your were young, for you everything is speed. You all have yur homes in other lands, ' you have rainbow lands, you like it so, its not for me, i dont like to share my life…

16.88 %
Ghost Brigade

…This is too hard Want to erase you! Clean up my head and move on It 's taking so long to get rid of you I've got no patience World is coming down And I can't let go Falling deeper down With rising speed It's so hard to…

15.67 %
Audience has another game
Piia Myyry

…world, it really gives you security, dont stay alone, there is good and bad people. You are kind as a human, its a raw work, where you have to be something else, to feed audience, to stay human. its a raw speed, you…

14.40 %
Take me to your dealer

…I can't sleep without a drink next to me I need some variety for me at my worst I've a subconscious feeling that this might be the final sip Why do I have to drink this when everyone knows it's killing me? Gotta find me…

11.36 %
A game without a name

…without so much speed, people are just speaking all the time, its just a big joke, no-one can hide. Our life just roll the same way, so small circle, that there is no place for people, really to stay. All the fun just splits apart, its the way of living in earth, people just want to have fun.…

9.56 %
People do
Piia Myyry

…You just love your lovelife, your work starts today at dubai night, its all about speed and money, technology investment, in gulf sea and so much money. You are like japanize, they get excited ot these things, they…

8.60 %
In hospital rooms
Piia Myyry

…. You all are good in what you do, need for speed, in hospital rooms, goal is just the grave, so you all play, it doesnt hit you, you are all up for that, that really feeds you.…

7.86 %