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Blow Up

…yeah Ey ey Who said that I would never blow up You see me now I just showed up Took a sip I'm a rockstar Ima fuck hard with these lines for yall Well you know I gotta be at the stage tonight I need to get my bills to be…

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Clouds feat. A.J. McLean
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I blow to you energy

…, sexually. I really need it, I want you to see me, you really give me the heat, I am addicted to that feeling. You move fast across the land, you have many people, you know, I just want the energy, for you to blow.…

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Left Outside Alone
Blind Channel

…All my life I've been waiting For you to bring a fairytale my way Been living in a fantasy without meaning It's not okay, I don't feel safe I need to pray I don't feel safe No, no, no, no Left broken, empty and in…

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Halloween I want out
25.78 %
Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly

…Heaven ablaze in our eyes, We're standing still in time. The blood on our hands is the wine, We offer as sacrifice. Come on, and show them your love. Rip out the wings of a butterfly, For your soul, my love. Rip out

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Lights Out
Mendi Moon

…VERSE Come on, come on bae do it, aah 'Cos I feel less than ya, you gotta try harder I told you that I was no fun But you said you´d help out, I would see the sun Now, you didn't, you didn't see it coming That if I…

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Out of the came
Piia Myyry

…Leave me alone, i dont need you and your friends, i dont know the, I dont need their face, you love your life, do the same, i am too tired of the whole thing, you have played yourself, out of the hole came. You all…

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Out Of The Ashes

…will be harder Oh! I will become a hunter once more Break me, cut me, hate me Anger within my burning heart Faster, harder, stronger Out of the ashes I'll arise With fire in my eyes Inside these four walls I've wept…

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