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Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast

…underground I hear the voice inside: "Build me alive!" I'm afraid of never finding her on time Gonna pray I'll never die The nightmare has begun Enter the Metal World of doom Into the hands of the machines Enter the Metal

47.93 %
Fuking metal
Rise pure fuking metal
41.13 %
Pure faking metal
35.23 %
You have lived nowhere (metal)
Piia Myyry

…, its your blanck angel, over the years, you make money like the gold, you have it all, all the nights you are with me, you are good giver, i am your sinner.…

33.17 %
Fuking metal
28.50 %
This is heavy metal

…never got at the helm of mayhem! Oh, I've heard the tons of bullshit you talk Now let's see you walk Now this is heavy metal! No matter what you say! Now this is heavy metal! The only righteous way! The horsemen they…

26.23 %
Stone Cold Metal

metal in his hand, Stirs wild rival of righteous man. Life of an outlaw; the gallows await. Until then they shall reign! No border is too sacred To cross and to spill the cup of hatred. Days to come are still unveiled, Take…

25.52 %
Be like you be (metal)
Piia Myyry

metal life, you see it from the cars you drive, its cold soul it feeds your needs, you are not the same nomore, the life has changed your money you feeds, it gives freedom and security, you like to feed you creed, its what you need, but it all comes easily, someone is willing to pay you, you just need ot appear, and be like you be.…

22.99 %
Pump It Up
Cristal Snow

…psychedelic kid kid kid psychedelic kid So close -So far So far - So near No fear - We are almost here So close -So far So far - So near I'm little too close And I'm little too near Pump it up boy Pump it up for me Pump…

22.20 %