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Bad King

…libido go, can't you hear the sirens? You and I, you and I and our monastery life Like all the ruthless and pure hate, finds its way to ruin this day. Like the freezing sun and the burning ice, Moses comes and rolls your…

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Deep Silent Complete

…In your creation heaven did decree That in your arms sweet death should dwell Deep Silent Complete Black velvet sea The sirens are calling for me Saved my soul thinking "This song's a lie" Sand on the shore is so dry…

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The Siren
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Edema Ruh

…Ruh We know the songs the sirens sang See us dream every tale true The verse we leave with you will take you home We’ll give you a key to open all of the gates We’ll show you a sea of starlight to drown all your cares…

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Diving Deep
Nylon Beat

…and sirens Witness the silence When we're diving deep Like flying forever We're breathing together As we're diving deep The waves under water Will bring us much deeper When make love to me We're diving deep Diving so deep The reef makes it shadows As two floating lovers Make love under seas We're diving deep Diving so deep…

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…Children play their games Remains of joy and laughter No sirens for three days Calm before the world shatters Calm before the world shatters Winter is coming How many dark days ahead? For how long we have to suffer…

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…I want to see where the sirens sing Hear how the wolves howl Sail the dead calm waters of the Pacific Dance in the fields of coral Be blinded by the white Discover the deepest jungle I want to find The Secret Path A…

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…lass Joins the troop with a glitter in his eye "Shall I find fame - or shall I die?" Warrior with power along the path A hammerheart his gallantry to last Rhythm of sirens enemies take heed For in this war laws are in…

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