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Your Despiser No. 1

…, decaying away Tell me now, who do you think you are! I won't save you I'm not the one I've become your despiser no. 1 A ticking bomb, a loaded gun I've become your despiser no. 1 I won't save you I'm not the one No use

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Aleksanteri Hakaniemi
17.75 %
Rakkauslaulu Luusereille
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So you have used to live

…to see it. I have just wanted, to earn a lot, I have had it, what i want. We live here like in a student residence, everybody have their own space, we dont talk much, everyone is like working, all day long, how they have used to live.…

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Rakastuin Mä Luuseriin
16.57 %
Rodhouse blues

use some variety at times So it's a miracle that in Americas you fell in love with my rodhouse blues I was good to go with you although I thought that you looked like a fucking slut For a minute I felt that I should back…

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...Ja he nousevat junaan
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