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Teen Angel

…Oh, teen angel, teen angel My heart is true Teen angel, teen angel Only for you If you'll be my darling I promise you I'll never make you cry Oh, teen angel, teen angel I can see it in your eyes Teen angel, teen angel

68.39 %
Angel Cry
Battle Beast

…I am all that you remember, Among the buried memories I'm the tears running down your face I'm the angel who sings you to sleep When you cry in silence When you feel all alone Angel Cry I'm the love that you desire…

52.53 %
Guardian Angel
Samuli Edelmann

…In the wilds of the earth runs the path of the child. A marvelous angel is taking him (her) home. So long is the journey, the home can't be seen but the marvelous angel (now) walks beside (him/her).. but the marvelous…

50.80 %
Wish I Had an Angel

…I wish I had an angel For one moment of love I wish I had your angel tonight Deep into a dying day I took a step outside an innocent heart Prepare to hate me fall when I may This night will hurt you like never before…

41.48 %
Just teasing like an angel (joululaulu 4)
26.90 %
Vähän ennen kyyneleitä (El Angel de la Guarda)
23.84 %

…There was a time When I could breathe my life in you One by one Your pale fingers started to move And I touched your face And all life was erased You smiled like an angel (Fallen from grace) We've been slaves to this…

21.52 %
Bad King

…the cradle, one fine dirty angel. One hopeless act too fatal, saw the sunrise, this is my life. The revelation is you. Behind your bars lies the truth that hurts, eyes like shooting stars. Tiresome story of loners…

21.40 %
Satin Circus

…I’m just waiting for your sign But you make me wait For a moment the tension breaks and you set me free I can’t believe you’re here next to me Hold me tight Don’t let me fall tonight You’re beautiful, so beautiful…

15.54 %