Mortal life

Piia Myyry (blues)

You continue your crimes all nighs long, ' you like to make people cry, that makes you happy, its easy, you like to control peoples living, you are doing all the time crimes, it doesnt stop at all, you want to see accident, so you make your money, its all arranged like in bid cities, you love your work its bulvans, at your cities, you see it in metropoles, when people have no money, or are creed, they make it with compulsary violance.

Preventing their work, or enjoy to see them having nothing, you boost their ego, its easy, you really make your living, with the violence in your own field, you really make people cry, its your own living, you arrange crimes and kill people, mortal life is your thing, you are illl on your own work, easily. You have your own party in your own fields,

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