a good life

piia myyry

You have had a good like, easy, time for a lot of different people to meet.. my heart is like a chokolate. In the sunny day like this,

i dont know who to miss. cant you though see it, how it all really feels, taking of myself of the poeple, the get my own space, and freedom from the faces.

i dont like this situation, I need a kid, I am already so old. its hard anybody to tell. the age gap doesnt really bother me,

the gap is not so easy to see, you have really seen it all, upi have received so much, so much, that hasnt it changed you much.

somethimes you fell more adult, time changes people thay say, does it go better of worse, exactly I dont know it for sure.

I really want a bambino already, you have time to do everything, to see new faces, Here it is easy to fall in love, it is more socializing with young people so far.

Here is few things, which you would probably unzip, there has been a lot of hips, we see it, but i know what you think.

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