Against the health

Piia Myyry

You all have played yourself out, in the cities, you like to arrange new criminal hunts, you all are informed to police, you like like in comics, except, you finance of your crimes, its you criminal times, you spend time following lifes, you know what means to be adult, you have the responsible of lives.

You all are like childs, you think sociaty backs you up, all the years, you all are kicked out,of your criminal side, you all love your compulsory violance lifes, its all day long the kartell love, you have the style.

You all have the same schools, you are not fools, but you have chosen, the criminal lifes, you are not in prison, even you kill people, all your lifes, you are connected that way, there is limits, for every kind of criminal games, you have to coruupted group, its your family, against the health, and all the genious things.


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