Everything is big

Piia Myyry

You beat your work mates, you like it so, you be at home, over the days, you have a new men, you dont talk, you are quiet, you do just fine, you have arranged everything bad, its just fine for you, you seek for new episodes to hospitals, you are out of markets, of the criminal lifes.

You have watched too much films, its all the time following peoples living, you come form the place, where everything is big, people can life there in peace, since law is so neet, you are hyperenergic so you say it, i dont know these people, but they play with your health, you seem to need it.

You all have the same time, the same fights, you all like to see rosy life, its nothing you think, they really attack women, they are in the gates, you live the normal life, its your own thing, you really can have ti.

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