In the helsinki area

Piia Myyry

You all have your tumors, all is arranged by compulsary violance, in the gates, in north where there is peace, we shouldnt see thise kind of people, they come from war zones, this it not it.

You just make operations in hospitals, to see peoles life, to crush, you really are like satans, with your white collar crimes, you just go on and on, you make your living with criminal fields.

Its not anymore steeling cars, its more rude, everyday, all the nights are the same leukemi-violance, you just feed your women, with killing and beating, you all are committed to the same crimes, against humanities, and civil laws, arrangeing civil wars,

Its like in spain, spanish diseace, people have no organs, somebody want to se them suffer like here, nowadays, doctors take everything, in other peoples territories. you arrenge people to hospitals, in the helsinki area, the people dont want to see you in the society, they never seen such a suffering.

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