Just get addicted


Have you just get bored of your life, it doesnt change here much. You can meet your friends, but the life is wide, my friend.

You havent even seen the half of it, you have just got addicted to a one track, it has really not much to give, but I dont know, what you want to dig.

Its an easy lifeanyway, you make some coffee, to start a day, you have just wanted, a simple life, i guess, for a lifetime.

I just wanted to be your cherry pie, its on the top of the cake, you know it, from all of your teen days, we have been the same age, its a long time ago, i dont remember it all, no more.

Its not running of my life, its just, guys have seen too much, anyway. I dont want you to be my shelter, i just want the love, ' anyway.

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