Legistlative people

Piia Myyry

Yhey play with the shadow all day long, you think people have no life of their own, the run their own businesses, they have work, if they do it right, you dont know, whats the game style.

They havent never made any goals, they still have a work, support their own, it here the door would be closed, alreaydy, its not enough, you have to work for it.

You all love to go around your new guys, you all have been given everything, you have not had to compete of anything, the work just need to role on, you have no education, which sucks the energy, you have payed of it.

You have to inform of illegal thing, there is law, everything has been giving, easlly, you still play your sdoctor games, you are structural operator, we know it.

You make all your operations,of your own, you like to test everything, it causes cancer, and other things, you all want to see the symphoms, you beat legistlative people, who deside of your freedom.

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