Play genious

Piia Myyry

You all have your groups, still you go to fuck in every rooms, its still a diseace what people dont need, you like to see people in that state, you have nothing else to do, you are criminal all the days, it feeds you and your family all day long, you all have the same rules, in here you just back up your old friends, all the money comes to you, its your own crimes against the humans, you wait for a new trip to the courts.

You all love your own work, its really nothng special, you just love to take part in everything, you all want to be feated, even the people in these districts leaks, you all want to be criminal, you make the same, all the time, you all want to play genious, its your illumination, you like your work, all your relatives, have a cancers, you make satans talk.

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