Piia Myyry

You just all want some lift to your lovelifes, you get all the aid, even you use the system illegal ways, you beat your own childs, to get the benefits, all your lifetime, you and you old boyfriends, are grouping of money, is mone violent than other crimes, you still play with peoples lifes.

You all have your parents, they like your games, you all have your new loop, you dont need to remember anything, its the same moves, then old days, you like yous school lifes, you sit still and look when people fight.

You still life in your own leverls, you have your secret society, you play there all your games, you have the same excuses every day, they dont like you, you are too raw, good moves, to the car races.

You make people blind, that they cant do their work, beat the legs, so they have to sit all day long, they cant have the sex, at all, normal life, is what you give, you have violent door, you tell what you do, and go on, you never stop, until you get your goal.

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