The bride

Piia Myyry

I am your bride, we have a ehite night, Do you know äktenskaphinder, or am I your hinder. I can be your easter bunny, more like auberger honey.

You make me feel so happy, you must have seen a lot of this, you like to eat lot of ribs meat, and see people everywhere in the streets. You are ao flirty, that I am stressed of all the glory.

You know what mean the t-bone beef, its delicious, but does it your soul or heart to feed. You call it yöt or good, your girl is free for O or not. I call it free for marriage or baby, its the same thing, you just get crazy.

Your illegal life is to shout claro, You see it often, you have lived enough and seen for more, to feed your soul. To feed your meat is easy for you, its a life style, you separate the abdominals from you.

Do you separate body from meat and bones, or the body and soul themes, how do you really see it, I think it as a home.

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