You make them crowl

Piia Myyry

You all have been in the same life, over the year, you go to work, beat your workmates family, and have new gears, you dont see the illegal part at all, you have spend the kartell life, over the years, you do nothing, not call to police, on your own protection.

You all have your work, over the years, its beyond everything, you prevent peoples years, and money, in black magic kartells, like in movies, you take their life, by waiting, you really have nothing else to give, violence all day long, with your relatives, you make them to crowl.

It all goes too personal, you are criminal like in gran via, the latinos steel your bags, and prevent you to leave the land, you are stucked there like in boikots, over the years, you play the raw games, in the societies.

You daily work is criminal, you are between everything, you like people to suffer, over the nights, pain gives you kicks, you like tha aggressive live, you beat lethal cancer to see people crowl, like in the games, where there is accidents, but this is beyond all, it all goes to the court, you make taxfrauds, all day long, by beating and killing.

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