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Dead to the World

…All the same take me away We're dead to the world The child gave thought to the poet's words Gave comfort to the Fallen (Heartfelt, lovelorn) Remaining, yet still uninvited Those words scented my soul (Lonely soul…

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Dead Boy's Poem

…, hold the lorn So much more I wanted to give to the ones who love me I'm sorry Time will tell (this bitter farewell) I live no more to shame nor me nor you And you... I wish I didn't feel for you anymore..." A lonely soul... An ocean soul...…

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Keep playing dead

…I'll be gone No one will argue if I leave it unsaid And no one will see me if I keep playing dead I'm black when it's dark and I'm white when it's snowing I stand back when they call for the volunteers to step in I sleep…

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Play Dead

…this autumn, I fall With the leaves from the trees I play dead To hide my heart Until the world, gone dark, fades away I cry like God cries the rain and I'm just one step away from the end of today I see the reasons…

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Dead Gardens

…down All the tales are told All the orchids gone Lost in my own world Now I care for dead gardens My song is little worth anymore Time to lay this weary pen aside The play is done (The play is done) The curtain's…

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Dead Lovers' Lane

…Despair has a face and all these wounds remain unhealed Blessed to kill and enslaved are all hearts around love's will Thrilled to start all over again Crawl down Dead Lovers' Lane The maze of memories stained And suck…

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Take me to your dealer

…I can't sleep without a drink next to me I need some variety for me at my worst I've a subconscious feeling that this might be the final sip Why do I have to drink this when everyone knows it's killing me? Gotta find me

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Scared To Death

…In the biblical sense and sensibility Let me know you I'll kiss that smile off your face Just say when I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am scared to death to fall…

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Death Is In Love With Us

…I know it hurts too much I know that you're scared I know you're running out of trust And wishing you were dead But in your misery You're not alone So come share your tears with me And witness it all go wrong I know…

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