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…käsiin. Mitä sä häviit jos toimit niinku muutki. Oikei kuulit mieti kunnol AA-kerho antaa käteesi pullon. This is my empire, that I rose from the ashes And gave life despite of my ways. I thought the ring's on fire. I would

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Bad Company
Doctrine Wavers

…, light my cigarette. I burn it from both ends. I wanna see this torch of a person of much like me. I’m setting this shit on fire I like the smell of gasoline. Sunset beautifully bright I need my life no more. I’m setting this shit on fire I like the smell of gasoline. Sunset beautifully bright I need my life no more. No more.…

79.47 %
Passion, Proof, Power

Like a new sun arises from winter's Cold and dark grave, it's unstoppable Keep your twisted beliefs Sons and Daughters of Dawn are Calling me The fire that burns my flesh Shall light up the words I've said The curse on

63.38 %
Lost In Despair

I was lost, on my own and I couldn't bear the thought of my life I was gone, caught in the torturing memories And they burned like fire water can never heal such pain Can't you believe Nothing is real Can't you see I

59.03 %
One Desire

…ending So what's the right direction I still need to know where from Cause now my heart is on the run Hurts Does it matter where the pain is coming from When it still burns And the fire here inside me wasn't enough Will…

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In My Sword I Trust

…the spirit that they turn on Upon the point, the point of our steel Rise my brothers we are blessed by steel In my sword I trust Arm yourselves the truth shall be revealed In my sword I trust Tyrants and cowards for metal you will kneel In my sword I trust Till justice and reason we'll wield In my sword I trust In my sword I trust…

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I come clean
Lake Jons

…clothes on fire across the burn fly through the sky people get clean time to time ???? I shine the dirt in me it's time to move on I'll be on my way on my face ??? I'll be feet I'll come clean I run to the sweat shop…

52.52 %
A life like a fairytail (joululevy, 2)

…of female sex, you are my xmas doll, I just want to be with you, you give me a peace and harmony, with your candy stick, you can create a life like a fairytail.…

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Deathbringer From The Sky

…wretched destiny Your screams can't make me feel pity or regret I only feel furious hatred With fire my dominion is gained So burn away and let my kind rule the world again…

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