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Ei ole pohjaa
Hukka ja Mama
67.49 %
Hukka ja Mama
65.01 %
Viisi Ystävää
Rättö Ja Lehtisalo

…lautalta menemme Ruotsiin, josta Skånen halki Pariisiin, josta kaarramme Kreikan supersaaristoon Freund, comrade, pal Olemme viisi ystävää Mama, mama, mama, uu Oh my Mama, mama, mama, uu Oh my Mama, mama, mama, uu Oh my…

53.32 %
Love Is Blind
Cristal Snow

…Dark night Sparks fly We just can’t fight the heat Two souls Too bold Burn up in ecstasy So we fall Crucified by Our love Day breaks And they say We don’t know wrong from right They pray And they pray But can’t save us…

41.54 %
Lonely Road

Mama, it's a lonely lonely road I gotta do this on my own Lonely Lonely road Mama, it's just like you said Oh It's imaginable I'll Soon Be Dead It's just like you said Mama, mama, I ain't goin home Mama, mama I am so…

40.72 %
SAY - Sairas T, O'Malley, DSMRFN, Radam, Klwni, Painajainen
31.62 %

…mä riehuin ja huutelin ku oli pakko ku tuntu et kaikki katto mut ehei se on vaan henkistä puhaltanu enemmän ku moni nostaa penkistä nyt mä laulan niin paljo ku mahollist kaikest mitä tein tuli aina sanomist onneks mami

29.92 %
Dalai Lama

…everything, so says even Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader, of the TIibet, who knows everything. I have heart he watches Bollywood movies, I just dont watch those every day, it doesn´t lift me up, quite opposite, I have…

29.82 %
Born This Way

…My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on In the glass of her boudoir "There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are" She said, "'Cause He made you perfect…

24.83 %