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Put out the fire
Mikko Sipola

…This could be paradise Should have been thinking twice All we do is drifting And time is tick tick ticking We gotta earn The second chance tonight What's going on Put out the fire And rearrange Something is wrong Put

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…a right idea at the wrong time But I'm curios, I'm curious And I'm thinking bout you is a crime I'm curious, I'm curious And take my chances come whatever me I'll pick my battles, die some other day Tonight we'll dance…

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Junkie For Your Love
Anna Abreu

…twitching I'd do just about anything for a fix And the radio drives me crazy I can't listen to this sentimental shit Been drinking And drinking But I'll never drink you out of my head refrain All the hurting things you…

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Walking On Water
Anna Abreu

…'cause I've been thinking 'bout this all so much lately refrain2: Like a child I wanted to believe That we could work it out Just by walking on water But time Keeps turning things around As I watch you walk away in this…

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Jumalaut mä oon out
Juice Leskinen

…, saatana. Tää on niin paljon kierrellyt, et se on tottunut siihen. Tämän kappaleen nimi on Jumalaut mä oon out. Se kertoo siitä, kun yleisö huutaa: "Byäää". Ei se huutaminen vielä, mutta kun huutaa et "Byää", niin siinä…

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Dying Song

…I've seen you breathe life into the weakest of hearts And heard you scream out loud the sweetest poem Echoing across the ocean, reminding me why I still try To hold onto whatever is left of you and I Shedding skin to a…

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Lighting It Up

…This is our night out Time to unwind and let the music play loud Our feet are restless, ready to feel the ground We've got the spark now And we will let it out to light up the night We're here to make this dance floor…

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Lights Out
Mendi Moon

…VERSE Come on, come on bae do it, aah 'Cos I feel less than ya, you gotta try harder I told you that I was no fun But you said you´d help out, I would see the sun Now, you didn't, you didn't see it coming That if I…

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Burn Out
Juice Leskinen

…Täytyisi jaksaa, jaksaa, jaksaa Täytyisi olla tosissaan Sääliä haimaa, hoitaa maksa Olla niin kuin ei oliskaan Päämäärä, määränpää ja maali Huominen kauluspaitainen Parraton nuoriso radikaali Parrakas liituraitainen Kiitosta vaan mut mulle riitti En jaksa olla huolissaan En jaksa, enkä edes viitti Rauhoitun keinutuolissain…

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