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Put out the fire
Mikko Sipola

…This could be paradise Should have been thinking twice All we do is drifting And time is tick tick ticking We gotta earn The second chance tonight What's going on Put out the fire And rearrange Something is wrong Put

32.16 %
Wishful Thinking
Isac Elliot

…hear you say it You just keep me wishful thinking Girl just tell me what you´re feeling Still I´m holding on believing Someday someday you´ll talk to me someday you´ll give it all to me till then I´m just wishful thinking

31.23 %
Out Of The Ashes

…and I've crawled They have tainted my dream and taken my pride, but I'm alive In my cell I've been lying So long in the dark I've been hiding But now I'll break out of my cage and my light will be shining

25.95 %

…a right idea at the wrong time But I'm curios, I'm curious And I'm thinking bout you is a crime I'm curious, I'm curious And take my chances come whatever me I'll pick my battles, die some other day Tonight we'll dance…

23.45 %
Walking On Water
Anna Abreu

…What about the things we had The things that burned our hearts so fast I've been thinking 'bout this all like crazy What about the things you said Those things that hurt and made me sad You know I'm letting loose on you…

20.23 %
Jumalaut mä oon out
Juice Leskinen

…, saatana. Tää on niin paljon kierrellyt, et se on tottunut siihen. Tämän kappaleen nimi on Jumalaut mä oon out. Se kertoo siitä, kun yleisö huutaa: "Byäää". Ei se huutaminen vielä, mutta kun huutaa et "Byää", niin siinä…

19.98 %
Junkie For Your Love
Anna Abreu

…twitching I'd do just about anything for a fix And the radio drives me crazy I can't listen to this sentimental shit Been drinking And drinking But I'll never drink you out of my head refrain All the hurting things you…

19.57 %
Dying Song

…I've seen you breathe life into the weakest of hearts And heard you scream out loud the sweetest poem Echoing across the ocean, reminding me why I still try To hold onto whatever is left of you and I Shedding skin to a…

18.80 %

out Fallout, all inside your words Fallout, deep inside of you Fallout in my world is made of your lies Fallout pouring down on me Fallout, all inside your words Fallout, deep inside of you Fallout in my world is made of your lies Fallout pouring down on me…

18.11 %