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Hevosmies ei hellitä
Horse attack sqwad

…Horse attack sqwad.(horse attack sqwad) Sylvester motherfucking stallion. Me näytetään mitä hevosmiehet on, ei mitää vitun rupusia gangstereita (ei helvetissä) Meil o morat, meil o hevosenkengät, me näytetään miten…

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A sudden attack

…Its just a sudden attack, to get what you want, to pack up, its really not love, its just a balance of it all. It can be a naive romance, but there is many people, to take to the same dance. Its not the only one moment…

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Horse Attack Sqwad
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Love In Cold Blood

…Serpentine love's thighs wrap around me in search for death Drenched in blood the adored and beloved will give in to' Love in cold blood Breathe me in sweet suffering Love in cold blood Put me out of my misery Love's…

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Yks tippuu taas!
Horse Attack Sqwad
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Kunnian mies
Horse attack sqwat
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horse attack sqwad
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Kas h.a.s takas
Horse attack sqwad
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Hevosia ei ongelmia
Horse Attack Sqwad

…kykene kynnelle haiseva skene äläkä ikinä talleille mene spede tai oot kuollu spede tai sit kuollu ku spede pro aina pro oli hevo mikä tahansa moni laittaa roskaan rahansa Hevoskuiskaaja v65 (hevoskuiskaaja v65) suomigrimeä…

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