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Get Away
Doom Unit

…years I wanted more I've let you down For the last time I leave it all behind I can't save us from the fall What I've got now matters more I've let you down What I feel inside I can't deny Get away, Get away Get away, Get

70.31 %
You Don't Get Me
Anna Abreu

…don't get me At all Take a look in the mirror and what do you see Is the face staring back really worthy of me Well, I've got news for you, boy Yeah, I've got news for you, boy I will never ever be your toy refrain No…

62.64 %
Lets get engaged
Piia Myyry

…Lets get in gaged fernando, I want to live with you, We have to love more, I want you baby for sure, I makea me happy to be surrounded, by my own fools. I have waited long enough, I am not a child no more, I am tired…

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Just get addicted

…Have you just get bored of your life, it doesnt change here much. You can meet your friends, but the life is wide, my friend. You havent even seen the half of it, you have just got addicted to a one track, it has…

52.88 %
piia myyry

…I want to go travelling. It gives a taste of freedom, I need it. To get enough oxygen, wind under the wings. You have promised to see me, to take me out of the city, to see something else. I am an outdoor cat. Never…

24.53 %

…Feel the rush, lighten up Things have barely just begun Yeah, I'm feeling good tonight Leave it alone, Get in the zone Always drawn to the unknown Baby, Let me get you high Never said I'm innocent In the corner of my…

17.88 %
Kiss The Void

…I'm losing power and I don't know why Not really sure if I'll live or die I wanna leave but I can't get away It's a strange sensation Out of control being by myself I feel this gravitation Caught like a magnet and I'm…

16.93 %
Set Me Loose
Bad King

…it kills the pain when you set me loose, and I'll never get enough of you. Just do it, do it, do it, do it. And let me know. Just let me know how far it goes, 'cause I ran out of dreams and I'm stuck on you. I just love…

15.12 %
Outta My Head

…I can't get you outta my head Outta my head, outta my head Outta my head You're the only one So tell me what to do You're the only one No one compares to you You're the only one You're the only one I've tried to…

14.55 %