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One Desire

…ending So what's the right direction I still need to know where from Cause now my heart is on the run Hurts Does it matter where the pain is coming from When it still burns And the fire here inside me wasn't enough Will…

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Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

…A promise of heaven pushed us right back to hell Turned three sevens into three sixes again You laughed at my face when I told you how much it hurts And said: "Disarm me with your loneliness Just like always before…

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…temptation I fall on to my knees in front of temptation I'm falling down in to the sound Oh, your love gets me higher and it hurts I'm falling down in to the sound Oh, your love gets me higher and it hurts Every night I…

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Ocean Soul

…devotion Should I dress in white and search the sea As I always wish to be One with the waves Ocean soul Walking the tide line I hear your name As angels whisper it Something so beautiful it hurts Long hours of loneliness…

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Death Is In Love With Us

…I know it hurts too much I know that you're scared I know you're running out of trust And wishing you were dead But in your misery You're not alone So come share your tears with me And witness it all go wrong I know…

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Slaying the Dreamer

…heart And drag me into sunlight (So awake) For your greed As you're slaying the dreamer Swansong, for the Wish of Night God it hurts, give a name to the pain Our primrose path to hell is growing weed (Put a stake) Through…

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Bad King

…the cradle, one fine dirty angel. One hopeless act too fatal, saw the sunrise, this is my life. The revelation is you. Behind your bars lies the truth that hurts, eyes like shooting stars. Tiresome story of loners…

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Baby I
Isac Elliot

…Baby I ooh, ooh Baby I ooh, ooh I can’t help losing faith when you say, that you love me so much as a friend You don’t know how it hurts to pretend, when I see you make the same mistakes all over again Baby I-I-I-I-I…

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…blame The more we have, the more we want And the more it hurts our heart, my baby It always ends up in tears... So keep on pretending Our heaven's worth the waiting Keep on pretending It's all right So keep on pretending…

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