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EPMT 2018

…vielä tämän sä saat nähä ne ei koskaan kii saa mä jätän tän vaa tähän We'll give it a shot Whoa, we're half-way there Whoa, livin' on a prayer Take my hand, we'll make it I swear Whoa, livin' on a prayer TS Kun on…

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…I'll survive the day, I'll fight my way Like a ninja through the night Intro I've seen rulers fall before you down in flames No retreat, no compromise Growing danger in their eyes I never signed myself into no minor…

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Rauli Tuomas

…higher than your IQ mate Your ping is higher than your IQ Your ping is higher than your IQ mate Your ping is higher than Get the fuck out of my lobby Low IQ player Low IQ player Get the fuck out of my lobby Low IQ player My vocabularity is fucking bigger than your fucking penile (Can't understand it)…

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Halfway Home
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…that I used to have before But now that you're there Imma search everywhere And there's so many places to go I beg you Take me back in time to 1985 To the arcade halls where we played those games every day when we we're…

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Touch & Go
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NHL player

…leaders, NHL-players, supercats, and mostly famous sport people, Thoe who are wise, choose a ice-hockey, football or some other manly sport. They can have a good salary and support.…

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My Heart Is A Tomb
Ghost Brigade

…fall for good This may sound like a prayer but it's not This is a written sentence from a man who doesn't know much but he cares These lines are taken from a book, from an unwritten one Can you follow your own shadow In…

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