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Oh God

Oh god kato sitä Miten se kävelee sisään ja Mietin vaa et miltä tuntuis olla nyt sen sisällä Oh god kato tätä kävelen kadul mun rafsit pääl Kengät mätsää fiiliksiin pliis älä koske niihin man Oh god kuuliksä taas ne…

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Antti Tuisku

…lääkkeet, ei psykoterapia Vaik vetäis perseet ja koittais kaveria Mul on niin sairaan ikävä sua Nää fakin tunteet, mikä tragedia! Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god god Oh my gad Oh my god Oh my god, mikä tragedia…

37.77 %
A Little God

…little god Whatever keeps me here I don't even care I’m a little god x3 (save me from me) Take me to your place I’m hungry for a ride You can tie me up but I will haunt you down I’m collector of dirt Striving to fill…

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The Face Of God

…say: "I dream what you're dreaming And feel what you're feeling Love's the shadow on our wall With the face of God" Nothing will be enough For the ones who keep on stumbling In the garden of withering trust Without the…

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Ugly God
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God Forsaken Land
27.73 %
Heaven Tonight

…I hold your hand in mine I hold your hand and you're so lonely Oh, so lonely Your eyes have lost their light Your eyes have lost their light and you're empty Oh, my God, you're so empty (I'm in love with you) You are…

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Peach Party
Satin Circus

…beach Oh my god you're lovely! With sand in your hair at the sunset party You're my princess seventeen Oh yes you're mine, mine, mine And you've got to go to the peach party with me And I'm so fine, fine, fine baby when…

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Bad King

…, 'cause tonight I'm your ride. I will make you believe, 'cause tonight I'm your God. More Tequila, please. Oh ain't that something, ain't that something? Some sex on the beach, for that girl with bad habits, girl with…

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