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One More Magic Potion

…me a new pint and together we roared Drink and dance! People of the forest sing with us! Who wants to brawl with me? Who can shape a kantele from a pike's jaw? Like the great one once did Close your eyes Calm your mind…

100.00 %
One Last Time

one last time Ever amazed how bright are the flames we are burning in Ever smiled at the tragedies we hold inside My darling, won't you cherish The fear of life that keeps you and me so alive? Oh, at least you could try…

74.76 %
Heathen Throne

…they're going to pay. Grant us your revenge, We are not afraid of death. Let none of them ever more, EVER MORE, Lay a hopeful gaze upon the sky! upon the sky! Under the Northern star We shed our blood. With the call of

72.73 %
One Desire

…we still love Can't you see that there was only you and me Until we burn Until we burn So what's the lesson learned My restless soul is up tonight Walk in the shadows of what's left of me Is there another way here They…

71.92 %
Last Of Us

…should not be And I believe we have destroyed our dream What have we done? Now all we had is gone We've lied, we've stayed alive We have drowned, we've sold our pride What have we done? We've cried for thousand nights…

61.99 %
One more Cup of Coffee
Juice Leskinen

…stars above One more cup of coffee for the road One more cup of coffee 'fore I go To the valley below Your daddy he's an outlaw And a wanderer by trade He'll teach you how to pick and choose And how to throw the blade…

58.73 %
One Man Army

…This lifeless soil Barren of good thoughts Scorched By grudge and grief Doomed to linger on Wandered aimlessly Blinded By their lies Now I raise my head And sword When shadows steal the light Fire Desire Denial In my…

54.04 %
My only one

…what you've done to me When you hurt me so All the time i still dream of you 'Cause you've got my love 'Cause you were my only one Yeah-eah, my only one Oh-oh, my only one Please, back to me 'Cause you were my only one

52.19 %

…unknown soldier Lay the tools of the one who for us had died Tools of the carpenter The one they lick The same old sick Dream of their precious savior Kiss them deep And make them weep Over promises of eternal peace The…

50.44 %
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