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Blood Is The Price Of Glory

…Before the grimmest enemy Cold rain whipping those proud faces Warcries raising their spirits Despising death as they rush forward Blood of the brothers drains to the ground Stirring up rage, giving the power Trampling…

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Bad King

…Endless fighting and all the seeking and hiding, now we're alone, all alone. When day is dawning, our wounds are pouring evil blood. Just let me hold ya. I never said it would be easy to feel. I never said it would be…

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Elizabeth Taylor
Erika Vikman
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NDJENJA [English Lyrics]

…everything, everything, everything My time has stopped at you babe,babe,babe Do you even remember how much I loved you You gave me your word? Where did you leave our love? Everything we had is my last will 2x You made me…

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Beliver lyrics suomeksi
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Pokémon (Finnish Lyrics)
Anssi Känsälä
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Kauniit & Uhkarohkeat

…Rihanna, Taylor Swift tai kukaan muu ei kiinnosta Ne on vaan rumii hirviöitä Ja sun kanssas muuttaisin vaikka Kuopioon Niin mä uskoin, vaikken usko kohtaloon Sait mut tuntee et mä olemassa oon Halleluja, ja et sä…

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Creek Mary's Blood

…Soon I will be here no more You'll hear my tale Through my blood Through my people And the eagle's cry The bear within will never lay to rest Wandering on Horizon Road Following the Trail of Tears White man came Saw…

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Love In Cold Blood

…Serpentine love's thighs wrap around me in search for death Drenched in blood the adored and beloved will give in to' Love in cold blood Breathe me in sweet suffering Love in cold blood Put me out of my misery Love's…

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