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What kind of music is walch

…colder of full path, but does it change anything, of you, is it easier alone to move. Then comes the emptyness, if you like it, everything is fine, otherwise its all the same beat, like if, your head is like a broken glass, it doesnt matter, what kind of music, is the walch.…

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Divine Act Of Lunacy
Ghost Brigade

…Cleanse yourself for tomorrow Fear is forbidden It is obvious that we are not here to value life We are built for greed Envy is not a deadly sin It's just a word to explain what you really are Harness yourself for the last…

38.05 %
This world is tired of hate, vihaan kyllästynyt
Haloo Helsinki!

…. What life will bring, it will bring it to me. Opportunity of error brings contents of humanity. We are same ashes, same light air, so, peace now, this world is tired of hate. It is the same you believing to kismet or…

36.47 %
New day rising
Von Hertzen Brothers

…the bad ideas that got out of control New love needs making I will be okay Again Escaping to the dawning red I will break the chains and smash the windows To a world I see much brighter My home I believe what we see…

34.46 %
You select who gets what
Piia Myyry

…, you select who gets what, l ike they wouldnt have their own will, you beat good people to the graves. You all say the same way, money comes to your nests all the days, you really are cruel to people, its your work look

33.18 %
End of All Hope
32.70 %
You really are eval
Piia Myyry

…your educating, there is nothing, you have your teenage needs. You all have the same kids, its your own life, you all like the same games, no wonder you have the same kind of living, you all have the same years, you are…

32.68 %
You never change your things
Piia Myyry

…You all have the same kind of lifestyles, you do to work, and slip of the raw violance, agains the kids and wifes, you roll the same circle like in muslim countries, the women have some product value, even the own block…

24.83 %
Courthouse attacts
Piia Myyry

…, you all are kicked out of the schools, you reallyhave seen it all, before you have gain your own rooms. This is a story of a narsismus, it focus the own life, doesent see nothing else, not even goose, i dont know what to say., courthouse attacts, you have chosen this way.…

24.04 %