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…I see you turn your back on life again And I see your stumbling down worked smooth again I feel despair kissing our lips again I feel despair holding our hearts again You hear me crying behind your back again You hear…

82.66 %
Alive Again
Jarkko Niemi

…danger you've better run far, while you can and I Said hey sweet baby, you're a broken angel let's dry our tears and make our dreams alive again I met this girl last night she had a golden hair and the bluest eyes taking day…

77.08 %
For You

…In the grace of your love I writhe in pain In 666 ways I love you and I hope you feel the same I'm for you I'm for you I'm killing myself for your love and again all is lost In 777 ways I love you 'til my death do us…

45.15 %
Watching You Fall

…Priceless, you think you're flawless You'd sell your soul for the fortune and the fame Useless, you are so worthless A human stain that we need to wash away There is no price that you won't pay No part that you won't…

43.97 %
Would You Love A Matoman

…And reappear again Be right in the squares Yeah I would be sincere Yeah I would lie Yeah I would die Yeah I would be there Waking up the dead to get a thrill I say yeah, I say yeah Would you love a matoman Could you

42.77 %
Feel for You

You were my first love The earth moving under me Bedroom scent, beauty ardent Distant shiver, heaven sent I'm the snow on your lips The freezing taste, the silvery sip I'm the breath on your hair The endless nightmare…

42.16 %
If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…Don't wanna see you tonight If we'll have another fight Don't wanna act like it's fine Like we do every god damn time You used to smile when I said That we don't need a double bed You always told me how 50 years from…

38.86 %
I Help You Hate Me
Sunrise Avenue

…grieve, Then you will get over me And you turn your life around, 'cause I know you wanna see me falling out, falling out the window I know you wanna see me crashing down, crashing with my plane Baby, I'm way too young to…

38.02 %
Enough of You
Nylon Beat

…If I should see you only every now and then That wouldn't be too much to handle But you chose the wrong play And everyday I find you at my door again With wine and roses and a candle That isn't okay I got to say, it's…

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