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…Sing for your tears a song of the hatred No one can hear 'Coz your life is forgotten I want to give my life to you but my will is tied with puppet strings I am fighting and screaming alone inside this empty room They…

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Miljoona Valoo
Leo Luthando
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Juhani Markola
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Leo luthando
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Candour And Lies

…I, I have sailed All alone So many times The seven seas of tears I can still hear the waves. Cold frigid wind On my sails Always takes me back To distant memories Home, the last farewell. Waves of time candour and

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Come Undone
Anna Abreu

…Out of the corner of my eye I see two figures passing by I can't resist the urge To see what's going on with you She kisses you and takes you to the corner table It's been raining for weeks now The tears on my cheeks…

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