11th Street Kids

Hanoi Rocks

Well accidents, happen about everyday And that day was special followed by a heat wave Rush hour just began, and I ran for my life I can't afford to miss the bus Or I'll go and miss all the fuss Cos this time it's a must I'm gonna meet the boys, and Suzy I just can't miss her tonight And I'm so hot - Gee! I'm so hot

Well is she tight Is she in need of a lover like me? And there she is now! I gotta go - and give her a great big kiss And now that I'm in her, I don't wanna lose her These moments are takin' me to heaven But they don't seem to take her, anywhere at all I wonder what went wrong Please, tell me what went wrong!

Remember all them nights we wroted on the walls that "Punks never die!" Hot love in the nights, the days we spent underground

Well accidents happen about everyday And that day was special, 'cos Peter was taken a way, and Suzy, She moved to another town So here I'm all alone in the summer heat Looking at this empty street All there's left is writing on the walls I wonder where all 11th street kids are today Where have they all gone?

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