My Walden


Sain y niwl, Gaunt y goydwig fwsog, Gwenithfaen, cen y coed, a'r lleuad, Un gway f'adenydd I dapestri bywyd

Light shines bright beyond all the cities of gold On a road of birdsong and chocolate shops Of buskers, jugglers, innkeeper`s welcoming call The sound of mist, smell of moss-grown woods

Weaving my wings from many-colored yarns Flying higher, higher, higher Into the wild Weaving my world into tapestry of life Its fire golden

In my Walden

I will taste the manna in every tree Liquid honey and wine from the distant hills An early morning greenwood concerto Greets my Walden with its eternal voice

I do not wish to evade the world Yet I will forever build my own Forever build my own Forever my home

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