Weak Fantasy


These stories given to us all Are filled with sacrifice and robes of lust Dissonant choirs and downcast eyes Selfhood of a condescending ape

Behold the crown of a heavenly spy Forged in blood of those who defy Kiss the ring, praise and sing He loves you dwelling in fear and sin

Fear is a choice you embrace

Your only truth Tribal poetry Witchcraft filling your void Lust for fantasy Male necrocracy Every child worthy of a better tale

Pick your author from à la carte fantasy Filled with suffering and slavery You live only for the days to come Shoveling trash of the upper caste

Smiling mouth in a rotting head Sucking dry the teat of the scared A storytelling breed we are A starving crew with show-off toys

Fear is a choice you embrace

From words into war of the worlds This one we forsake with scorn From lies the strength of our love Mother’s milk laced with poison for this newborn

Wake up child, I have a story to tell Once upon a time

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