All the same


I just sit here, at the office, in front of my desk, writing lyrics, I have nothing else to do. The same old world, is just going on, at the same track, I just wonder how easy is your work, its like a teens talk.

It has been a lazy monday morning, a cold winter day, after the New Years eve, back to old days, listening music, to get things done, Its really not always fun. but thats that you are payed of.

You surely know, not the days always are the same, I write this music anyway, its sometimes ballards, for adults, sometimes hiphop, for kids.

I dont care, what the other people say, I just dont know, how the people here, spent their days, they dont work, all kind of talk, make their days.

They just talk about something, what is important to them,, nothing interesting, always all the same.

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