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Eternal Love
Nylon Beat

…Eternal love All the lonely nights in bed Makes me count all tears that I have shed Why are broken hearts so hard to mend And my heart refuses to believe That your kisses don't belong to me 'Cause you have found yourself…

100.00 %
If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…I believe that we'll be Standing on the porch together Holding on to love That feel so strong I know it's not gone So if you lo-o-o-ve me Hey baby, take me by the fire And just say those words again And I'll do it…

88.25 %
Love and Hate
Nylon Beat

…left to say or do Loves dying You had my trust and my heard You had the front row in my dreams But you let go right from the start You wont believe how bad it feels And now it all is in the past your aren't my future…

87.62 %
I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)

…Can't you see, my darling, That the harder I try The more we grow apart Please believe me The sweeter the kiss The colder turn your arms And the colder grows your heart And, baby, more I love you I see it in your eyes…

82.03 %

…. A mother visits her son, smiles to him through the bars. She's never loved him more. An obese girl enters an elevator with me. All dressed up fancy, a green butterfly on her neck. Terribly sweet perfume deafens me…

65.46 %
Ghost Love Score

…, bring me home Every way, every day I keep on watching us sleep Relive the old sin of Adam and Eve Of you and me Forgive the adoring beast Redeem me into childhood Show me myself without the shell Like the advent of May…

52.96 %
No Love

…Forever and ever! Shadows grow taller And I'm sleeping on my scars Lonely, I hold her And crave for your warmth (And her touch) There's no love No love will be enough for what I'm feeling No love No love will be the…

50.74 %
I still love you

…Once I, honey said that, I love you so And you said to me, are you are not to go But you left me, I feel so bad Everything is so blue, I feel so bad 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love

49.17 %
Love You Like I Do

…On my heart, I'll bear the shame No prayer can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will love you, love you like I do And there's no escape Just countless mistakes No one will…

47.57 %
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