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Nylon Beat

…my color in case you should leave A shade or gray would only sadden me If there's darker than all black can be That's my color in case you should leave A shade or gray would only sadden me…

100.00 %
Only one

…mukanaa Silti ei unohtaa saa Vo-ooou Oot mun only one Vaikka ollaan historiaa Silti ei unohtaa saa Mun on pakko sanoo, ei jatkoo Ei värähdä ilmekään, eikä tunnu muka missään Tää on niin tätä itseään Täs ollaan, taas…

90.10 %
Only Girl In The World

…Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love Like I'm the only one who knows your heart Only girl in the world, Like I'm the only one that's in command Cause…

87.37 %
My only one

…Do you remember still the night When you left me cryin Do you know that you broke my heart When you left me cryin Cause you were my only one Yeah-eah, my only one Oh-oh, my only one Please, come back to me Do you know…

86.13 %
Ghost Brigade

only knew if only I knew how to what I am got to season it I am riding the waves of the love made me hate you feel trust in river am I sinking away all the troubles are whraawhwaawra whraawhwaawra life time with a only

68.86 %
Let me in
Nomi Enckell

…know how it feels To be who I wanna be, if you only let me in I've been feeling kinda strange, I've been looking for a change A new day, to do it all again But I'm surrounded by these walls, my knees are crumbling down…

49.67 %
Elina Arlin

…, wouldn’t see what they mean And it makes her heart beat boom-bo-boom-bo-boom-boom It’s only make-up if you look closer Only rumours if you listen closer And it’s easy to say if it’s not you who gets the blame But…

49.05 %
Let's lie
Isac Elliot
45.17 %
Death Is In Love With Us

…it and I feel it Just as well as you do, honey It's not our fault if Death's in love with us, oh, oh It's not our fault if the Reaper holds our hearts Forty-one plus 66.6 equals our loss We're breathing only to fade away…

45.17 %
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