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Isac Elliot

…crazy bout you girl That it's like your beauty makes me hush Super girl you're so fantastic Extramadelicious Yeah you're so gorgeous When you walk in All people stop and stare When you walk in They whisper look at her…

42.29 %
Rock Trash
Battle Beast

…don't blush we don't hush until we crash Oh well, that was something I didn't expect Let's try something a little bit less trash Oh dear, is that Battle Beast coming in? I don't care what happened to the cash tomorrow…

31.36 %
Little sister feat. Tilly
Jeremy Folderol

…Life jacket, Backbone Emergency exit when I can't find home Life jacket, Backbone Emergency exit when I can't find home Little sister You and I Side by side When things collide When I burst into tears You're always…

23.12 %
A Little God

little god Whatever keeps me here I don't even care I’m a little god x3 (save me from me) Take me to your place I’m hungry for a ride You can tie me up but I will haunt you down I’m collector of dirt Striving to fill…

22.54 %
Shooting Star

…(you've gone...) shooting star manutsu no yoru no maboroshi setsunai hodo amaku kono mune tsuranuita shooting star hikari yori hayaku kakenuketa anata wo eien ni wasure wa shinai kara ai ga kietemo haruka sora sora ni…

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Like a star (adults, english)

…You play a fruit game, when I come, you smell good, when i kiss you to your mouth. you are restless like always, you need freedom like everyone else. You are like a star with your new jeans, you are socializing with your neeze, you are strong and joyfull like always, you illuminate our evenings always.…

16.61 %
We're Not Flawless
My little pony: Friendship Is Magic
14.88 %
Pieni mies (Little man, Soni and Cher)
? joku nainen n.1967-68
13.49 %
Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…be my little honeybunny Thinkin' what it would have been if I dropped rap whenever someone dissed me what, what, on ground they smacked me got over it an' now they're runnin' around my dick These days I swim in giant…

6.94 %