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Wish I Had an Angel

Old loves they die hard Old lies they die harder I wish I had an angel For one moment of love I wish I had your angel Your Virgin Mary undone I'm in love with my lust Burning angel wings to dust I wish I had your angel…

54.36 %
Hold Me

…only thing I'll ask of you, my love Hold me until I'm old Tell me that to you I'll always be beautiful Make me feel like time never flows Hold me until I grow old Love me until I die Tell me laws of nature we shall defy…

51.16 %

…broomstick Introduced me to her old friend home gnome Told me to keep the sauna warm for him At the grove I met the rest - the folk of my fantasies Bilbo, Sparhawk, goblins and pixies Snowman, Willow, trolls and the seven…

49.23 %
Old Man

…So much farther off than time could reach Today it would be too late So much despair he has bled but will he wither away No one knows that you must keep this Old Man wide awake 'cause no one knows that he could feed our…

48.24 %
You're My Melody

…too long to make it on your own I will show you the way, I will carry you home I'm your song and you're my melody When you need a friend I'll be there until the end I will never let you down When you need a hand, someone who understands I'm by your side, heart to heart and eye to eye…

47.92 %

…You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You look better that way You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You're wearing a mask You look better that way Are you my friend? Are you my

47.82 %
Rendezvous With Anus

…Walk the streets what do I see Shit on legs approaching me Alright, I really want it Oh yeah, I gotta have it Come on baby lets dance again Jerk that head and be my friend Merging Zeus and Spartacus In ren-ren-ren-ren…

47.62 %
Let Go feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…me waiting Writing a new song but what if they all hate it What about my nephew growing without a father He's caught in the middle and I'm acting a martyr Heard from an old friend not doing too well Would it be credible…

46.74 %
We're Not Flawless
My little pony: Friendship Is Magic

…Twiligh Sparkle: En ole väittänyt koskaan Että oisin mä täydellinen Niihän ei väitetty koskaan Mistä saitte sen käsityksen On kaikkilla pienet puutteet Ne meitä vain vahvistaa Ne yhteen on meidätkin tuoneet, Eikä siinä…

42.52 %