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Over and over again
Piia Myyry

…the power in these fields, you like to show how you work, but your mind is weak, all the leak goes out to humans, you break peoples bones, like Nerå old times. You all like your glassy lifes, your dick is your love, it breaks your life, its all the time the same game, you want to see the look, over and over again.…

79.63 %
Come over to my house

…crazy for you When you're alone Just come over to my house and stay Feel free to stay for a sleepover and I'll dream away I know that you'll leave at the dawn but I guess that's ok There's a door open for you to come…

62.64 %
Over the years
Piia Myyry

…people, since you have learned new things. You all love to show your skills, how you beat human beings, we all have seen it, its corona years, the games are too lethals, you like killing,. over the years, you live the…

58.99 %
Over the long nights
Piia Myyry

…have no luck, you just want to see the daylight, its your small talk, you like life, your summer is with your friends, ' they like to party, you like money and life, its brings security and a new child, over the long…

56.92 %
All over the years
Piia Myyry

…, all over the years, you hve been a bulvan, to the university friends. Its all illegal, there is easier lifes, you have become something else, then we all expected, i never seen just a hate for human beeings, you really do what you say, even there is a change to the better living.…

55.61 %
Active all over the days
Piia Myyry

…, there you beat mostly women, you all like spykiatric games, its mindmapping all the days. You have this classy side, you like to see people cry, ' its really not in linits at all, you are outlaw, over the days, you…

51.76 %
Dead Lovers' Lane

…Despair has a face and all these wounds remain unhealed Blessed to kill and enslaved are all hearts around love's will Thrilled to start all over again Crawl down Dead Lovers' Lane The maze of memories stained And suck…

33.25 %

…, let's get closer I just wanna hear you say my name I just wanna keep you on replay So come on get your body over me Se get close, baby closer than closer Live it up Let it go Nothing to lose, this is my show Lift your…

32.71 %
No Love

…Forever and ever! Shadows grow taller And I'm sleeping on my scars Lonely, I hold her And crave for your warmth (And her touch) There's no love No love will be enough for what I'm feeling No love No love will be the…

25.47 %
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