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Show No Love
Alex Ravantti

…ton) (Fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life) Tipuin tuntu et kaikki ois menny Mä menenetin koko  elämästä ilon  Muistan vieläki sen kun mulla oli paha olla Ja kelasin entä jos oisin vetäny ranteet auki Mutta mitä se ois…

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…. A mother visits her son, smiles to him through the bars. She's never loved him more. An obese girl enters an elevator with me. All dressed up fancy, a green butterfly on her neck. Terribly sweet perfume deafens me…

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Fuck scene

…you bitchin 'bout, shut up take a dick in your mouth the fuck you playing games for, bustin out in Finnish rounds osa elää kuolleen ja näist puolet metskaa tuheroo ainoo huora mitä jahtaan se on kuus numeroo, money en…

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No Love

…Forever and ever! Shadows grow taller And I'm sleeping on my scars Lonely, I hold her And crave for your warmth (And her touch) There's no love No love will be enough for what I'm feeling No love No love will be the…

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Eternal Love
Nylon Beat

…How can we reach eternity If love is so hard for you and me Why must we keep on fighting on and on How will I know if you're my man When my heart don't always understand That you keep telling stories of your own And I…

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I still love you

…Once I, honey said that, I love you so And you said to me, are you are not to go But you left me, I feel so bad Everything is so blue, I feel so bad 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love

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Love You Like I Do

…On my heart, I'll bear the shame No prayer can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will love you, love you like I do And there's no escape Just countless mistakes No one will…

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If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…now we would be Standing on the porch together Holding on to love Who felt so strong I know it's not gone So if you lo-o-o-ve me Hey baby, take me by the fire And just say those words again And I'd do it like back…

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Personal attention

…I give you attention like a woman do. I give you love with pleasure and passion, you always wanted for, I wear dress and high heals as you like, I speak you romantic worlds to turn you on, I keep my body well fit for…

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