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Coffee shop (i'm lovin' it)

…I think you know it by now I don't like leaving the house Only when it's inevitable off to the coffee shop I should have warned you by now Tonight I won't come around I'm amazed I made it somehow all alone to the coffee…

100.00 %
I come clean
Lake Jons

…clothes on fire across the burn fly through the sky people get clean time to time ???? I shine the dirt in me it's time to move on I'll be on my way on my face ??? I'll be feet I'll come clean I run to the sweat shop

25.40 %
A good love

…lot. In every shop you can find love, it is easy in big cities to have skin, if you desire a lane. I am a coastal girl, I just realized it, I need the sea, I have learned to be by the ocean, its the way of life, I just need it. I just get crazy in inland cities, until I get to Paris, and dont feel so dizzy.…

23.04 %

…gonna dance this night up It's gonna be all the way or full stop If I want to cuddle I'd find solace from a pet shop So if you wanna hold hands I'm gonna lure 'em to my pants Keep em still, stupid grin, it'll look like…

15.69 %
The Eiffel tour

…the Eiffel tour it is like another sky. I just want to stand in Lafayettes shopping mole, to stare people going on the catwalk, the shop is like a Disneyland, fun for all, you never get bored. Your lifestyle is out of…

15.12 %
The Madelene square

…cucci -stores, the billionare shop, to have a zin-zin evening, and pour you to the glass, some new meaning. I just came from Paris,back home, I really dont know, if this is a better place, maybe it takes time to accomodate, but I think,i isnt the worth of pain, no more.…

15.12 %
Morning brunch
piia myyry

…coffee, I am echausted, body feels like a barrel of concrete. I really want to sit here and write, its theis decidions what they shop. there is different moves during the day, mornings are frefreshing for some, not…

14.66 %
City Lights
Divine intervention

…won't get lost Oh please stay near so I remember the story and the melody from the streets from your soul from your hope from your city lights Walk, just walk and I'll wait right here The same old flower shop and…

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welcome to show finnish
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